Hunting for Riches in A Landscape Lit By Sadness

By April 8, 2012 3 Comments

(c) 2011, Meri Aaron Walker. All rights reserved.

I love using my iPhone camera to explore the landscape: the landscape on the outside and the personal, interior landscape of wordless feeling. 

I made this image one day out of an iPhone photo of barbed wire that I morphed into a heart fractal I generated later on the computer.  I get great joy of out the process of blending and compositing “real” landscapes into computer-generated images whenever and wherever I find myself with some time to sit down. At home, in a coffee shop, on a park bench…

The process of integrating the experience of loss with the immense new possibilities of the present moment is a daily dance for every human being who has lost one or more of our closest friends or family members. On days when I’m feeling most resourceful, I see the process as “hunting for riches in a landscape lit by sadness.”

How would you describe your process?


  • Julie Lockhart says:

    Some days, loss is about being in the pit of darkness. And then I rise out of that place and see the beauty in life. What’s unfortunate is that my fear of future loss sometimes takes me back to that dark place. But as time goes on, I’m better able to rise again.

  • Meri Aaron Walker says:

    Indeed, Julie! It seems to me that once we’ve been broken open by loss we know more about Life itself. We know more of the “dark” colors and that also makes it possible for us to see the “light” ones more brilliantly, too. It’s tricky getting ahold of the future-making-mind and helping it just relax into the safety of the present moment. And, as you say, we get better and better at it the more we practice being kind to ourselves and to others – especially when fear arises. Such a dance, this Life!

  • Jim Titus says:

    Reminds me of Denise Kester’s dancing bear poster/print “Out of chaos comes the dance of balance.” Don’t know how to post pictures yet, or I’d add the dancing bear for y’all.

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